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Super Lemon Haze Cannabis Strain (The Complete Guide 2020) The Super Lemon Haze cannabis strain is considered a sativa, yet it actually consists of an 80% sativa, 20% indica makeup, with this extra little portion of indica thrown-in serving as a means to calm the nerves and keep its consumer cool and collected, unlike some sativa classified strains which can produce incessant jitters. Super Lemon Haze Shatter - Super Lemon Haze CBD - Super Lemon This Super Lemon Haze strain of CBD Shatter is made from pure CBD isolate and has Super Lemon Haze CBD terpenes added to it. Our CBD isolate begins its life as Colorado grown industrial hemp. It is then harvested, extracted, refined, and tested to ensure the highest quality end product possible.

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In other words, this strain shouldn't be used as the only medicine for conditions that respond to CBD, such as seizure disorders. Super Lemon Haze has a tart, 

10 Jan 2020 The Super Lemon Haze is 70% Sativa, and 30% Indica. Generally speaking, strains with a high THC and low CBD ration will make us 

Description. CBDoobie Pre-Rolled Herbal Mix – Super Lemon Haze (Buy More & Save!) Their Herbal mix includes some of the most ancient and respected  SUPER LEMON HAZE CBD has a strong lemon flavour. A haze worthy of that name. The value of CBD in our SUPER LEMON HAZE is above 12%. THC content  10 Jan 2020 Discover the complete guide to the Super Lemon Haze cannabis strain that benefit from CBD-heavy cannabis products, this CBD low strain is 

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Ein starkes Zitrusaroma mit Kieferuntertönen charakterisiert unser Super Lemon Haze Dab Wax. Es ist zu 90% rein, somit ist es eine der reinsten Formen von  CBD Blüten Super Lemon Haze | CBD Shop 24